Entries by Mistress Gweneth

Coitus in Cappadocia

Coitus My handsome British Slave, who worked in Kurdistan, invited me for a holiday in Turkey.  A few lavish days in Istanbul’s Cirigan Palace preceded our journey down to Cappadocia, where he would fully serve and spoil me. Collared he drew me a bath in our magnificent suite at the Museum Hotel. Mistress disrobed and […]

Athens Alabama Cuckold

It was a regular Wednesday in January, when I drove down from Nashville to a small town in Alabama called Athens and checked into my hotel.  Luckily, they honoured my request for a room at the end of the hallway.  I even received an upgraded to a king suite. While relaxing in my suite, I […]

Double Kidnap in Los Angeles

My apprentice and I visited Los Angeles for a slave requiring a severe reprimand and discipline. My apprentice is a tall, slender, svelte Eastern European dressed head to toe in black with fitted leather trousers showing off her long legs.  Mistress is in a black pencil skirt, fishnet stockings and 3 inch Gucci stilettos.  Both […]

Traveling Business Man

It’s been a long day. Work obligations have been demanding. It’s been night after night in a different hotel in a different city. It is all getting a bit boring. However, today will be different. A smile appears on slave’s face, along with a firmness in his trousers. Beautiful JetSetMistress awaits him, on this business […]

The Enigmatic Jet Set Mistress

She is waiting for him in the hotel bar She looks even better than he expected He smiles She knows he is nervous She looks up from her newspaper and smiles He begins to relax as he knows that she is not angry at his late arrival They order drinks and begin polite conversation She […]

Alabama Small Penis Humiliation with CBT

It was a lovely fall morning in Birmingham when slave arrived with my Starbucks. He was a conservative looking business man. You know the straight laced type with a sensible haircut and khaki trousers. We discussed safety before I instructed slave to disrobe.   While drinking my coffee and pondering the days activities which lay […]

London T-Girl

London T-Girl Mistress loved her loyal slave from Scandinavia. He was getting more and more advanced in his curiosities. They met in his lovely London hotel. Mistress prepared slave for the evening in a collar, leather shackles on his wrists and ankles before placing a blindfold on him. He was then bound to the bed. […]

Kidnapped in Temecula, California

Mistress’s slave arrived at the door of her suite in the beautiful wine country. Looking out of the peephole, she watched his anxious face and noticed his heavy breathing and nervous gestures. Mistress’s beautifully manicured hand, opened the door and reached out to hand him a blindfold and earplugs before abruptly shutting the door in […]