2022 Travel Schedule

*Reservations can be made only after we have spoken. Confirmation the morning of a pre-booked session is required. Failure to comply will result in a cancellation.

Tardiness may be forgiven only if Mistress is informed before the appointment time starts.

Mistress Gweneth tours monthly. However, she is happy to accept a FMTY OR DMTY. Travel to your location is possible once the following requirements are met.

Quality Hotel reservation in Mistress’s name.

All commercial flights over 3 hours will be in a higher class of service to guarantee Mistress’s comfort and happiness.

A commercial flight must be prepaid.

A Generous deposit must be made before the reservation is accepted and is non-refundable..

Mistress loves to fly private if champagne is on board.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. – Carl Jung

1-6 Palm Desert
7-10 Omaha, Nebraska
10-13 Novi, Michigan
13-23 Palm Desert
24-27 Minneapolis
27-29 Nashville
30-31 Palm Desert

1-6 Palm Desert
7-11 Columbus, Ohio
11-13 Novi
14-18 Beverly Hills
18-24 Palm Desert
25-28 Minneapolis
28-30 Omaha

1-3 Tulsa
4-15 Palm Desert
16-19 Novi
19-23 Dallas
24 Palm Desert
25-27 Las Vegas
28-31 Palm Desert

1-3 Palm Desert
4-5 FMTY
6-8 Palm Desert
9-11 Beverly Hills
11-12 Palm Desert
13-16 Minneapolis
16-19 Novi
19-21 Columbus, Ohio
22-25 Family Holiday
26-30 Palm Desert

1-4 Nashville
4-6 Cleveland
6-8 Novi
8-10 OKC
10-11 Broken Arrow
11-12 Tulsa
13-31 Palm Desert

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