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Welcome to J.S.M.

My kink journey.

Kinky thoughts and a fascination for BDSM have been part of my life as far back as I can remember. Spanking and role play were on my mind all through my childhood. I practiced rope work and bondage in my teens. In my 20s, out of curiosity, I subbed by 2 different Masters who were sadists. While the pain I felt was not pleasurable, and I did not achieve sub-space, I experienced what it felt like to give over control and receive. My nature is that of a giver when it comes to BDSM. HOWEVER, receiving a wonderful foot massage, from someone skilled, is truly pleasurable.
Moving to The Netherlands in my 20s was a great way to expand my knowledge. My late husband (Dutch) enjoyed light bondage and affixation. After his passing, I entered the swinger’s world. Being the kinky unicorn was great fun. The couples I played with loved the fun I brought and the great toys.
Between 2002-2010, I had a global expat consultancy with offices throughout the Asia Pacific and frequently found myself in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and most EU capitals. The end of the workday, without dinner engagements, meant fun. Many lucky men, whom I met in the bar of my 5-star hotels, were invited back to my room to experience my kinky desires and suitcase full of fun elements.
When the European Credit Crisis hit Europe in 2008, my business was faced with unrecoverable challenges. Since the passing of my late husband, I have spent years in litigation with both my stepkids and the Dutch Government. In need of a cash-generating income, I approached a successful couple, living in London, whom I regularly played with, for wisdom. They were shocked to learn I was not a professional Dominatrix and I was shocked to learn that it was a profession. Needless to say, that’s how my journey as JetSetMistress began.
These days, my primary residence is a beautiful home in Palm Desert, California, USA. Regularly, I travel around America, and a few times per year I return to London and Holland.
“A man who has never passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”
Carl Jung