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Double Kidnap in Los Angeles

My apprentice and I visited Los Angeles for a slave requiring a severe reprimand and discipline.

stiletto shoes worn by MistressMy apprentice is a tall, slender, svelte Eastern European dressed head to toe in black with fitted leather trousers showing off her long legs.  Mistress is in a black pencil skirt, fishnet stockings and 3 inch Gucci stilettos.  Both Mistress and Apprentice are wearing red lipstick, have red fingernails with sunglasses on.

Slave was instructed to meet us at Starbucks in Anaheim.  He should wear a dark suit with a red tie, be sitting alone near the back exit and have three cups of coffee.

We entered, walked to his table and sat down.  “Doctor, I understand that you have been a very bad boy.” Looking with his eyes cast down, he said, “Yes Mistress.” “Doctor, you are to remain silent, walk peacefully with us, attracting no attention and do everything We say. Am I clear?”  “Yes Mistress”, he responded.

Walking with him in between me and Apprentice, we approached our car. Slave was instructed to stop and face the back of the car. Apprentice removed leather shackles from her purse which were placed on his wrists and hooked together behind his back.  Thereafter a black silk bag covered his head.  We placed him in the boot of the car and closed it. We drove around L.A for an hour before arriving at our location.

Slave was trembling in fear and panic when Mistress opened the boot.  She removed the black silk bag covering his head. “Doctor” Mistress demanded.  “You are to walk peacefully, not make a sound, keep your eyes on the ground and follow between us. Am I clear?” Softly slave responded, “Yes Mistress.” Mistress and Apprentice assisted slave out of the boot, unhooked the shackles behind his back and reattached them in front of him before placing a coat over his hands to cover them.

Mistress and Apprentice walked slave through the hotel lobby, each holding onto one of his arms and entered the lift in complete silence.  Slave was walked down a very long corridor.  Apprentice 1024px-Hotelbaropened the door and Mistress guided slave into the room.

The elegant suite had an extensive display of torture tools laid out on the bed.  Slave began trembling with concern while millions of thoughts raced through his head. There was no turning back or escaping. He had been kidnapped by two beautiful women dressed in black who were holding him captive in an unknown 5 star hotel somewhere within an hours drive in Southern California.

The door closed, slave was stripped of his clothing, ball gagged, blindfolded, the black silk bag was placed over his head again, sound blocking earphones on top of it while his ankles and wrists were tied to a chair with rope.

Endless silence followed. It was humiliating to be left naked and bound to a chair.  The room seemed to be getting colder as well.  The silence was unnerving.

Trembling and embarrassed, slave was beginning to get scared he had been left alone only to listen to himself breathe until Mistress abruptly pulled the ear phones and black silk head cover off of slave and removed the blindfold.  It took a few seconds to focus, but the beautiful apprentice was sitting on the bed, her long legs crossed and she was laughing.  In her thick Russian accent, she said “You look like a scared little rabbit.  You are pathetic.  You are not a man.”

Mistress steps in front of slave.  “You are the most pathetic, weak little man I have ever seen,” she says. Apprentice continues to laugh and point at slave.  *Smack* Mistress slaps slave across with face with force that makes him disoriented.

Grabbing slave by the chin, Mistress looks down at slave, spits in his face and tells him “don’t stare at Apprentice.  You are too pathetic to enjoy her beauty.  She would never want a pathetic, weak, scared little man like you to touch her.  Cast your eyes down in shame.” *Smack* Mistress slaps slave across the face again.

Nipple_clampsNipple clamps are placed on slave. Mistress views her torture toys. Apprentice pokes the heel of her stiletto into slaves groin.   Mistress notices slave trying to look up at Apprentice.  *Smack* right  *Smack* left across slaves face.  “I told you not to look at her! Mistress shouts at slave. Mistress immediately places a blindfold over slaves eyes followed by the black silk bag.  Then a long pause of silence.

The nipples clamps are ripped off in an excruciating manner.  His nipples are being whipped on one side and hit with a paddle on the opposite side.  The room is already quite cold when slave feels an ice cube on one of his nipples.  Cold drops begin to cover him from all sides while both of his nipples are teased with ice cubes.  When the ice cubes stop a strange prickling sensation begins. It feels like little pins rolling over slaves skin.  The rolling pin pricks continue over slaves arms, down his neck and over his nipples.  Slave develops an erection.  Then an additional sensation of multiple pin pricks begins simultaneously on slave’s inner thighs.  It is arousing, tantalising and unusual.  Two beautiful women are arousing, teasing and torturing slave at the same time.  Slave is fully aroused and excitedly hopes Mistress or Apprentice will touch his erection.

Then a long silence with no action. No more touching. No more ice cubes. No more dripping water.  Nothing.  Silence. Waiting. Did they leave slave cold, naked and alone in the room? Where did they go?

Strangely, it then seems to become brighter. Slave feels sunlight on his skin.  The room feels warmer, as well.  Slave feels a collar being placed around his neck.  Drool is dripping out of both sides of his mouth like shoe strings.

Slaves ankles are released and it feels like something is being placed on slaves legs.  Stockings? Slaves wrists are released and he feels a corset being placed around his waist tightly.  A warm breeze hits slave, the silk bag is removed along with the eye mask and slave is being lead onto a balcony dressed like a woman by Apprentice while she laughs at him.

The balcony faces a freeway overpass. Apprentice attaches slaves wrists and ankles to the railing then sits in a chair watching him.  People in their cars are honking.  Slave feels something cool between his bum.  His hips are pulled back and Mistress inserts a large strap-on completely filling him.  She eases it in, then begins to forcefully thrust.  Cars continue to honk, people are flashing their lights.  It is the most humiliating experience he can imagine.  Drool is dripping off his chin, he is dressed in fishnet stockings and a corset while being anally taken on a balcony in L.A. where others can see him. Mistress is spanking him. Apprentice is laughing at him.  The degradation and  humiliation seems endless.

Apprentice leaves the balcony. Mistress removes the strap-on, walks around him and pulls him by the leash back into the room. Apprentice is waiting with a smile.  Slave sees that she is wearing a strap-on now as well.  Mistress pulls slave over to the bed, pushes him face down, she removes the ball gag, then Mistress mounts him from behind while Apprentice grabs his face and forces her strap-on into his mouth.

The humiliation and degradation begins again. Mistress continues to spank slave while Apprentice laughs at him. Slaves arousal is heightened at being used by two beautiful and powerful women.

When both women finish, slaves stockings and corsets are removed. “Get in the shower. NOW!” Mistress shouts at him and points towards the bathroom.  Slave, covered in sweat, hurries into the walk-in shower. “Masturbate and cum on yourself. NOW!” Mistress instructs.   Mistress enters the shower and urinates on slave, she leaves then Apprentice urinates on him as he masturbates to completion.  “You filthy, disgusting, pathetic little man, clean yourself off.” Mistress tells him. Apprentice spits on him.  Then they both leave the bathroom for him to clean himself.

The warm shower feels heavenly. Slave begins to dry himself off when Mistress walks in, throws his clothes on the floor and says “get dressed” and leaves.  Slave quickly dresses himself. Minutes later, Mistress re-enters the bathroom with Apprentice.  They handcuff him, put a bag on his head and lead him out of the bathroom. He walks down a long corridor, then down an endless amount of stairs. Strangely, they leave the bag on his head this time.

He is once again placed in the trunk of the car.  Slave doesn’t want to go, but they force him.  The car trip seems even longer this time. Where are they taking him.  The car stops, the two women remove slave and sit him on the ground.  The leather shackles are removed.

“Stay here, do not remove the bag from your head until your phone rings” Mistress states.  He hears them drive off and nervously waits.  What have they planned? Slave’s phone rings, he removes the black bag on his head and answers.   It’s Mistress’s voice.  “Look up” she says. Then she hangs up.

Slaves eyes focus and he realises he is back in the Anaheim Starbucks parking lot, where they had first kidnapped him.Lingerie & Corset Mistress Gweneth

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