Kidnapped in Temecula, California

Mistress’s slave arrived at the door of her suite in the beautiful wine country. Looking out of the peephole, she watched his anxious face and noticed his heavy breathing and nervous gestures.

Mistress’s beautifully manicured hand, opened the door and reached out to hand him a blindfold and earplugs before abruptly shutting the door in his face.

Slave waited patiently at the door with the blindfold on and the earplugs in until Mistress aggressively pulled him into the hotel room. He was shocked by the sudden movement and stumbled awkwardly into the room.

Mistress stripped the slave of his clothing, wrapped a silk scarf around the his head then attached a leather collar, leather handcuffs and tight nipple clamps.

The room smelled of Patchouli and erotic music played quietly in the background. Slave stood waiting patiently. Mistress sat watching him until his legs became weary and his calf muscles tightened.

Suddenly, Mistress grabbed him. Sensory deprivation had left him disoriented and made walking awkward. She bent him over a sofa and the punishment began with spanking, paddling, caning and a cat o nine.

Slave’s knees were shaking and weak. He felt exposed and open. His skin was tingling from the punishment. Mistress remained silent. Time moved slowly. She seemed to have disappeared, as slave waited wondering what would come next.

Suddenly, Mistress forced slave to his feet and walked him around her suite. She sat him on the bed, facing her, his legs spread and his manhood exposed. He felt her softly touching his testicles and penis while she tightly tied a thin rope separating all three of them.

Drip, drip, drip… Candle wax fell onto his manhood giving a sensation of warmth and fear. The Mistress abruptly pulled his nipple clamps off causing tingling, pain and shock waves throughout slaves body.

Forcefully, slave was pushed backwards until his head landed on a pillow. Mistress pulled his legs up placing his hands around his knees making his tight anus available to her.

A cool wetness felt soothing as Mistress massaged slaves prostate. He was aroused, but the penal rope chastity prevented an erection.

His tightness felt the head of Mistress’s StrapOn. Slowly and sensually she filled him with her full length. The intimacy and shame of being taken by a powerful woman that he could not see aroused him.

Slave was completely under Mistress’s control when she stopped the intimacy and quickly removed the scarf, mask, earplugs, collar and roped penal chastity. Slaves eyes were blurred as Mistress slowly came into focus. She was beautiful. “Stand up and lay in the bathtub” she ordered while pointing in the opposite direction.

Confused and off balance, slave crawled awkwardly into the tub. Mistress straddled the tub and looked him in the eyes. “Masturbate” is all that she said. Slave stroked his manhood whilst Mistress covered him with a golden shower. The warmth and experience overpowered slave as he completed.

Mistress pulled the shower curtain and left slave to clean himself up.

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