Mutual respect is imperitive.

Discerning gentlemen are my preferred clientele. A discerning gentleman, to me, is honorable when scheduling an appointment. He shows up, has self respect, self control, and behaves respectfully towards me.

Self knowledge is important when scheduling an in person session. You must know yourself, your hard and soft limits, or agree to trust me to safely test your boundaries. If you are a first timer booking a session you should make it known to me. Having respect for oneself extends to personal hygiene. Arrive smelling clean, with fresh breath, or be prepared to shower upon arrival. (Your session time will include your showering.)


Gentlemen 40 years and older are my preference. Kindly note, I have made exceptions in the past with mature gentlemen in their 30’s. Men in their 20’s will not be acceptable to me. (The only exception would be an under 30 man, who is successful in business, and has two references from qualified providers.)

Gentlemen in their 30’s remain challenging when working together. If you are in this age group, accept the following requirements:
-Deposit is always required. (Venmo, CashApp, Amazon Gift Card)
-Email of introduction is required. (you must send it)
-Phone call, to talk, is required. (texting is not talking)
-Scheduled appointment time must occur.
-Confirmation of appointment time is required the day of the appointment.
-Same day, or last minute appointments are not possible.


An introduction text or email is frightening for some men. Please know I understand. Start with “Mistress, how may I serve you?” If you do not know what to write, I will take the lead and guide you.

Introduction emails should include the following:
-Your name
-Your experience (previous servitude or ownerships, first timer)
-Your interests (example: foot fetish, latex, spanking, etc)
Never exceed 10 text messages or emails each day. Excessive messaging is inefficient to me. I will view you as a time waster.

Sensual exploration, sexual deviance, and decadent kink excites me. Time wasting, inefficient communication is painfully dull.

Let’s agree to efficient communication to arrange exciting memories together. If we don’t share mutual interest, let’s agree to part amicably, while wishing each other well. Time is a precious commodity. Let’s live in the here and now.

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