Many People ask:

What Really Happens?
Will I be tied up and beaten?
Will there be marks?
Can I escape?
Will it be in a deep dark dungeon with no lights?
Will I be forced to do things that I do not want to do?
How do I know I can trust my Mistress?

First, we will always speak on the phone before meeting.
All of your realistic questions will be answered.
Jet Set Mistress, or Mistress Gweneth as She is called during Her sessions, will always discuss safety first, and wait until you are comfortable before beginning. Her persona is relaxed and sensual.
Jet Set Mistress is a Buddhist. She is peaceful and kind by nature.

Second, while Jet Set Mistress does use leather restraints or ropes on wrists and ankles, and or a dog collar or silk scarf, she never binds or constricts First Timers EVER! The submissive, can choose to stand up, stop and leave at any time. Safety signals, are always discussed before beginning.

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